Friday, December 27, 2013

How about a nice game of chess?

This is my 1st game of serious chess since embarking on my training program. It was a bit scary going in since I decided to completely scrap my old opening repertoire in favor of openings I know barely anything about. I've always been an e4 player but I've decided to switch to d4. Also dumping the Sicilian for now.

Lessons I've learned:

  1. Being safe when trying to win a won game is a good thing, but don't go completely into a shell.  Be more aggressive with trading off those pieces.
  2. Keep the tactical radar on at all times.  Don't get lazy and fail to calculate hard moves in a won game.
  3. Keep pawns on the board when up material!  We all know this, but I didn't follow it like I should have.  Those general rules  exist for a reason.


  1. If you're really interested in OTB chess, we have a small group dedicated to chess improvement on that you can join (please mention your blog and you've been contacted by Laurent when you apply).


  2. Would be interested to see your thoughts on dumping your previous openings. I think that if it's a question of moving from nearly-useless memorization to where you are thinking for yourself, then it's bound to result in an improvement in your game.

  3. Btw, I recently dumped the sicilian - as well. As I focused myself more on Chess improvement I became convinced I didn't understand blacks strategy well enough. espacially in more serious games during a tournament.

    as for the whole point of changing chess openings... I have never done a lot of memorization on any chess opening. the point was to get an idea how to fully develop all my peices. I'm hopeful that in time I would better understand how to develop a plan in chess, and not just aimlessly chase the peices around.