Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tactics improvement in 2 graphs

I've blogged previously about my long chess break from February to September and how it appears that break did me good.  I was messing around with some more Chess Tempo output and decided to graph my non-duplicate accuracy and average solve time by problem rating.

There definitely seems to be about a 3% accuracy increase and 5 second speed increase.

Maybe there is a case for taking regular long breaks with chess playing/training?  Recently I came up with the idea of breaking my chess into seasons, just like sports.

Off season: Do nothing (maybe light annotated games reading and some Bain level tactics)
Pre-season: Lots of new hard training (Yusupov, non-duplicate CT problems), lots of reading and LTC training games at ICC.
In-season: Lots of OTB, "maintenance" training only (just keeping up with repetitions?)

So how long should each phase be?


  1. Ups an downs in the performance are quite common, with or without training. My tactical performance bounces around +-50 Elopoints within a few days in the blitz mode which is "related" to your type of training.
    It is much easier to monitor your performance in the blitz or mixed mode. The rating system of CT is quite good an the tactic statistic will give you a breakdown how your performance develop in the different tactical pattern like "Mate in 12" or "double attack" or "Mate - Dovetail".. This can help you detect your individual tactical weakenesses and to implement a specialised training for these.


    See especially under Tactical Motif Performance Table