Sunday, December 13, 2015

A quick look back before going forward

I will be back to regularly playing OTB games very soon (I think).

Two and a half months of intensive blitz tactics practice has given way to a month of longer calculation exercises and deeper study of some annotated master games.  I've cut Chess Tempo down to duplicates only on a daily basis so I have more time and energy for the other study.

Before moving forward, I wanted to post my two best wins from my previous cycle as encouragement (and to show off of course).

If I could've consistently converted my other winning games against 2000+ competition, I would've had an outstanding first quarter of 2015.  I probably should do a series on those as it could prove useful in the future.


  1. Where do you read annotated books from (name of the books)?

    1. I started with Heisman's list of annotated books. You can read them in the order he has them listed.

      I would read them all at least through the Giants of Power Play book. You can skip the Nunn book on Middlegames if you want.

      After about a year of doing those, you'll start to make your own lists of annotated books you're interested in as well as moving on to "best of " collections.