Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Games #11, #12 and #13

Games #11 and #12 are from round two of ICC's February G60 Open. Another game against a Class A!

Well I proved to myself I can still make good moves without using so much time in game #11, but I was back to my old slow ways in game #12.

Game #13 was played in the DHLC Slow Chess Weekly.

Left a lot of points on the table this week.  Turned a draw into a loss and a win into a draw.  Looking on the bright side, I got my first class A scalp. :)

I continue to dedicate one day a week to playing some blitz.  I've played 9 more games of blitz since my last set of games, going +6 -3 =0 in that span.  I'm now +13 -15 =0 overall after a pretty horrible start.

My current standard stats:
Class E: +3 -1 =0 75%
Class D: +3 -0 =0 100%
Class C: +1 -2 =2 40%%
Class B: +1 -3 =0 25%
Class A: +1 -1 =0 50%

I need to focus on playing games against people in the 1400-1800 range.

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