Sunday, February 23, 2014

Games #14 and #15

Game #14 is from round three of the 8pm ICC February G60 open.

Game #15 was played in the DHLC Slow Chess Weekly.

Another week of not getting into time trouble and still playing good moves regardless.  Maybe I've turned a corner ever so slightly.  I overlooked some tactics in game #15 which could've been enough to get the win.  I didn't miss any tactics against me at least.   Frustrating, but encouraging.

I've had a mediocre two weeks of playing blitz since I last checked in.  18 games with a score of +7 -10 =1 in that span.  I'm in the bottom 25% of blitz on, and in the top 10% for standard.  Go figure.

My current stats:
Class E: +3 -1 =0 75%
Class D: +3 -0 =0 100%
Class C: +2 -2 =2 50%
Class B: +2 -3 =0 40%
Class A: +1 -1 =0 50%

I've now played 20 games since I've been back, I guess that's enough to not be provisional anymore. :)

I've been a bit lazy about trying to schedule slow games on ICC outside of the standard tourney.  If I could arrange two more, I'd be averaging 5 games per week or the equivalent of an OTB tournament.  This is going to be a top priority for me in the coming weeks.  

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  1. Nice job with game #14! You obviously understood the opening very well and could help cause, then immediately pounce on your opponent's error as a result. Sometimes you get the game handed to you like that when your opponent isn't experienced in your opening but still treats it as non-threatening.